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OIETC, which stands for Oxford International English Testing Center, is affiliated with the Oxford International Education Group. This center provides the English Language Level Test (ELLT) as an alternative assessment to the widely recognized IELTS exam, catering to the needs of international students.

ELLT holds credibility among several universities in the United Kingdom, as they accept it as a valid proof of language proficiency. Unfortunately, specific information regarding the payment and duration of the ELLT exam is not available in the provided sources.

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The OIETC's ELLT (English Language Level Test) is structured into four distinct modules, all of which are administered through its dedicated online portal:

Reading: This module involves reading two text passages and responding to multiple-choice questions based on the content. Test-takers are allotted 40 minutes for this section.

Listening: In the Listening module, participants engage with two audio recordings. They are required to listen attentively and answer multiple-choice questions within a 20-minute time-frame.

Writing: The Writing module includes a written assessment where test-takers are given one hour to complete an essay that reflects their opinions on a given topic.

Speaking: Unlike the other sections, the Speaking module necessitates booking an appointment. It is conducted live with an online examiner and consists of three subsections, each lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Importantly, test-takers must complete the Reading and Listening sections before gaining access to the Writing and Speaking components.

The first two sections are automated, while the essay written in the Writing section is sent directly to a human examiner via the ELLT portal for evaluation. The Speaking section is conducted in a live session with an online examiner after successful completion of the first three sections.

When applying to universities in the UK, it is imperative to demonstrate proficiency in English. English Language Proficiency is a prerequisite not only for university admission but also for obtaining a UK student visa. UK universities accept English proficiency test scores, including the widely recognized IELTS and the ELLT, as valid proof of language skills.

To understand how these two tests compare, it is essential to acquaint yourself with the OIETC's scoring methodology for the ELLT.

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